HashPuzzle Proxy

A Stratum Proxy for Bitcoin & Crypto Mining

Windows 7/8/10


Feature Highlights

Easy to set up

Set up your mining pools, connect your rigs to HashPuzzle Proxy, and you're ready to go! Manage your pools and view stats from the browser interface.

Runs on your Local Machine

No third party service! HashPuzzle Proxy runs on your local Windows machine and you are in full control of your data and statistics.

Customizable Notifications & Alerts

Your miners are constantly monitored and you will find out about any issues as soon as they happen. Supports SMS alerts via Twillio.

Easy-to-use User Interface

A simple, browser based interface provides with an overview and live dashboard view for all your miners.


Feature Overview

  • Customizable monitoring and alerts with optional SMS notifications via Twillio
  • Support for an unlimited number of workers
  • Combine miners to use a single connection/getwork request
  • Switch miners to a different pool from the proxy
  • Live dashboard with mining statistics and real-time graphs
  • Estimated profitabiliy calculations
  • Built-in profit calculator
  • Browser based web interface (runs on your local machine)
  • Support for most popular minning software and ASIC rigs
  • Support for a growing number of popular algorithms

A Stratum proxy for managing and monitoring mining of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Mining Fee

In order to recover development cost, HashPuzzle Proxy will switch to a fee mining pool for 1% of the mining time. A payment option that will remove the fee mining will be available in the near future.

Supported Mining Software

In addition to ASIC miners, we support CCminer, Excavator (1.4.4a and below), Claymore, SGminer, InnoMiner,CGminer, BFGminer, EWBFminer with support for others being added...

Supported Algorithms

HashPuzzle Proxy currently supports: Daggerhashimoto, EquiHash_144_5, Ethereum, keccak, x16r, scrypt, sha256, Lyra2REv2, EquiHash (support for additional algos is in the works).

Compatible Mining Pools

HashPuzzle Proxy is compatible with a growing list of mining pools, including MiningPoolHub, NiceHash, Suprnova. Other pools may also work but have not been verified yet.

Contact us

If you have questions or comments, you can contact us at email

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